1 = clinician, MD (Medical Doctor), physician, doctor, medical practitioner, healer, medical doctor.
Ex. A study was designed to address this question, particularly as applied to clinicians and user-friendly search software package such as Grateful Med.
Ex. This article outlines the steps taken by the library to meet the accrediation standards of the Liason Committee for Medical Education for a full 4 year MD granting institution.
Ex. The results indicate that physicians vary in their information needs, preferences, motivations, and strategies for seeking information.
Ex. Sometimes librarians have to explain to enquirers who will almost certainly not believe them that ostriches do not put their heads in the sand, that in Britain at least, doctors do not take the Hippocratic oath, and that both the yeti and Sweeney Todd's baber's shop are fiction.
Ex. To fulfil their potential, librarians must articulate and act upon a vision that involves them more fully in the work of faculty, researchers, and medical practitioners.
Ex. Just why a patient should trust a particular healer is a question that has not been adequately explored in the literature on healing.
Ex. The results show clearly that occupational prestige does not depend upon salary or money factors (teaching being ranked second only to medical doctor).
* consulta de médico = doctor's surgery.
* médico de cabecera = general practitioner (GP), family practitioner, family doctor.
* médico de familia = family practitioner, general practitioner (GP), family doctor.
* médico de hospital = hospital physician.
* médico forense = coroner.
* médico residente = house physician, doctor in residence.
* paramédico = paramedical [para-medical].

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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